Hi there, here we are stefano and erica!… 

Hi there,

here we are stefano and erica!

we have think that it could be useful to start thinking about how will presentation go

and which kind of content we should prepare for it




1. what is “Time Traveller”

2. Brand Identity (title-slogen/colours/ fonts etc. ) – (Kevin and Erica)

  • Flyers design
  • posters design – advertising
  • ticket design
  • general mocking up how the each sections of exhibition looks like  (wall colours/ explanations on the wall /lights etc.)
  • Blue print of the exhibition

3. start of the exhibition  –


  • ticket booths(choose the year) – Video(Brain and Stefano make it)
  • infrographic (what happened in the 20th century 1910-2010) – graphic(Kevin and Erica)

put the HIGHLIGHTS, give some data from 1945,1960s,1980s,2000.

  • map of exhibition (Kevin and Erica)

4. SECTION 2   LIFESTYLE (1960’s ???)

put on the cloths from the year / taking photo of visiters

  • interactive wardrobe   (Video Bryan and Stefano)

5. SECTION 3  MEDIA (2000???)

3 different interactions

a)radio:  the visitor becomes the antenna of a radio projected on the floor and with his movement can modify the frequency (Video Bryan and Stefano)

b)tv: a touch screens allows user to select view differents significative newspaper (Video Bryan and Stefano)

there will be the possibility to research trough them por months (jan/feb/march ) and for country

c)music: a floor projection of some vinyls (in general the most common support of the year) (Video Bryan and Stefano)
allows you jump from one to another one and listen to the tracks

6. SECTION 4  HISTORY (1945 ???)

interactive floor controlled  by the users with wiimote  (Video Brian and Stefano)

7. SECTION 5 DISCOVERY-science/art/design (1983 ???)

kinetic screen is suit on this section which is about technology.

eg. Rubik cube (Video Brian and Stefano)

8. CONCLUSION / considerations

strong/weak points

the number of visitors that this exhibition takes

the meanings of the exposition  eg. “Every moment is important.” ?????