My Final idea

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Hi Brian, Erica & Stefanos.
Here is the sequencial ‘story board’ for what I would like to present as my final piece. When not in use the screen is blank (white) apart from the logo in the bottom corner – I thought this would help to stay ‘year neutral’ whilst still emphasising the brand. You’ll also notice that the screen has a coat hanger above it – this is to not only act as a location marker (i.e. shows you are in the wardrobe section) but I also wanted the screen to look like it was hung up like a piece of clothing. This will be more apparent when several screens are in a line next to each other.
I have both simplified the control system and also made the image of each fashion item stand out more. When activated, with the card/pass, the user is simply given a choice – do they want to view male or female clothes? They can then select one of the 8 fashion choices using the icons. This will display the item in the main screen with the users face, that was photographed when they collected their card/pass at the start, is place on top so they look like they are wearing the clothes. Some simple info about their choice is also displayed below.
As you can see this is male version – I will also post a female version. I hope to input this into Flash Catalyst to give it some motion if I have time! Any comments would be most welcome.