Hi Guys As you can see I have uploaded t…

Hi Guys
As you can see I have uploaded the roughs we produced for the walkthrough and interactive elements placing within the space // I shall draft up and post a more comprehensive version tomorrow evening ‘Wednesday’ that we can all download and amend as we see fit.
I think it will be important to refer back to some of the key elements we discussed.

Structure.  not just of the elements and interactive walkthrough but the physical elements, walls, lighting, flooring, fixtures etc.
Point of sale and branding peripherals /tickets, flyers, posters.. Blog perhaps.
I really think this is begging to take a good solid shape at the minute and can actually imagine this a sa real experience  we could sell to the highest bidder 🙂
but it will be important to keep up a good balance of ‘online’ blog’ contact to make sure were on track for the submission.
Erica and I have agreed to meet up next week in Rave to continue working together and give ourselves a realistic timetable and production schedule.
(if you can make it Kevin that will be great, I’m unsure what day it will be it’s all a question of childcare etc for myself.
I know Stefano is back in  Italia – lucky for some 🙂  So we need to keep the posts up and thinking about viualising the 2011 TIME TRAVELLER EXPERIENCE.

Some key pointers that was raised was about how and where the data would be sourced from and by whom.. any thoughts? it could be a good investigation point if anybody wishes to pick up the tread?

Please comment and add anything ive missed or important or even any good jokes if you know any.