TIME TRAVELLER Social profiling of 4 peo…

Social profiling of 4 people likely to set through the door of the BMTT (british museum time traveller) Experience

Essentially 4 years to explore. pick dates and people. 1 each or all four? whats your thoughts?

Culture Social. Fashion/ -What was popular Music/Dance/ Charts music stats? FILM/TELEVISION (dance steps perhaps) etc
Politics. (sets a tone for what was happening globally and not just in one country of nationality this could also include )
Art & Design? (i’d be interested if this was a facet in any exhibition – Objects that could have a relevance to the BM Collection)
Technology and Invention. (Artefacts and exhibits from the BM plus details to explain where they exist in the collection // museum map. What was relevant and historically appropriate during that year. Sony WalKman Games console Mobile Phone – Bakelite phones `early Televisions this will have a good relevance to materials and how they shaped the products and social developments

I think it would be wise not too make it too highbrow and over intellectualise the subject material especially when dealing with a younger target audience.
the younger the viewer = less text the greater the visual.. generally applies to the older individual also personally i enjoy a mix of the two at an exhibition – guess thats where our text information and blog making facility comes into its own

As a group before this week is out we need to brainstorm and mindmap the characters and decide upon the years and important and relevant information to highlight
similarly we need to address the issue of how the information is accessed and navigated… Our previous session gave us a range of exciting and creative solutions to make and produce an engaging experience for visitor to any museum. I think it will be productive and wise to follow up on Liz’s recommendation to collect as much visual information and draft things out on paper in collage format before going back to the computer. think that way we begin to make a solid direction for whats required and by whom.