The outcome has given us 5 main areas of…

The outcome has given us 5 main areas of focus each with subcategories the Area is GLOBAL and not specific to GB.
1. CULTURE  = Fashion // Music // Lifestyle // Icons – Eg. Celebrity, Politician, King // Games //

2. Science & Technology = Medical breakthrough // Invention & innovation //

3. Media = TV // Radio // News // Politics // Film

4. Art & Design = Artists // Famous works // Designs an Artifacts

5, History & Geography = Environmental issues // Weather //

Things that were added to the list of interactive elements include ‘A photo booth’ = add yourself to the experience  a ‘costume maker’ dresses the visitor in the period of the exhibition ‘suggestion post’ to prompt certain years fot the visitor unsure of what to select  – info kiosk that plucks facts from the data base to highlight facts, this could be inside and outside the experience

The ability to change the date should be on all of the interactive inputs – and also when no information of any major relevance is on that year information about the period be offered as a general piece of text and/or visual.

Tone of voice was discussed and the decision was made no to over complicate or over intellectualise the information or dumb it down too much Humour can be and should be utilised throughout the experience .

That concluded…

Erica is going to chose a the Year in the 1980’s  –
Kevin to explore 1960’s
Stefano is thinking of a character somewhere between 1930 – 1945
to balance things out I can either make the character really young past 10 years old – or focus on the very early years in the exhibition 1920’s. the likelihood of big numbers of visitors in their 100’s is far less likely than 10 year olds arriving en-masse with their parents.  So for me it’s the year 2000 Y2K.
Have a cool weekend, see you all monday, enjoy!!!