The British Museum Room 35.
Is it possible to make an exhibition regarding 100 years of history in one Room only?
Yes it is!

TIME TRAVELLER gives you the opportuniy to choose a year form 1910 to 2010 and acces to detailed and personalized contents of that year.
Depending of the year that visitors chosen a the beginnig the same expositive space changes and offers differents datas to each .

TIME TRAVELLER it’s the first exhibition that you can visit 100 times without seeing the same content.

TIME TRAVELLER it’s a box that can be filled with an enourmous quantity of content, interactive datas, visuals and photos. It allows viewers to have acces to a wide datas database and to expierence it.

TIME TRAVELLER fills the empty spaces left in between an intenet research, that not allows you to expierience datas with all the senses, and an exibition, that usually regard only a small focused topic.