Time Traveller. The British Museum Room …

Time Traveller. The British Museum Room 35.

A Moment in Time 100 Years Young.

Time Traveller Exhibition is a decade of information to experience and explore. This uniques exhibition exposes the past 100 Years of facts, figures, dates and data that define and uncover the last century of humankind.

Time Traveller Exhibition gives you the unique opportunity to input your special year and be transported back in time to examine and absorb the historical facts that made it so memorable.

Think you can remember what happened in 1933, 1966 or even 2004 for that matter? Time Traveller Exhibition surrounds you in a interactive world of wonder that stimulates the senses and satisfies the the most curious of minds.

(feels like the only thing missing is the price and opening times)



User inputs information  a special or memorable YEAR at kiosk points outside/within the exhibition area. (user information is remembered throughout the exhibition and is made into a blog specifically for them from the information accessed within the exhibition)

The Experience and Target user is ‘KEY’

It  is agreed that each group member will pick a hero or heroine figure and assign a year to them and produce concepts/moodboards etc for how and what information would be accessed and displayed throughout the experience.

The physical space and hat makes up the interactions is a key element to consider. this will assist in creating a sly and brand for the exhibition.

Our feedback today was really useful, insightful and positive plus it’s given us a unique opportunity to make something memorable, exciting and new.

Please feel free to add comments and remind me if anything is missing. or should be included. See you tomorrow, we can discuss the next step and move things forward. Peace!