hello πŸ™‚

I would like to discuss about our work process because we have done LOTS of research haven’t we πŸ™‚
I am pretty sure Brian is going to attend the class monday :p hehehe 9 the weather getting much better and better i guess)

Im just thinking or wondering how we make a PLAN to built great exhibition.

Shall we make sure the every week plan or something?!
then, we can make progress week by week or day by day. What do u think?

Here is my idea of getting final work (by 17th Jan)

*Next Monday(6th Dec)
Envisaging a big picture (eg. external appearance/blueprint and decide the name of our exhibition)

*next weekday (6th~11th Dec) – super hard week!
visiting exhibitions/galleries/flagship stores etc.
meeting together more than twice then we can exchange ideas and show some works etc etc.

*13th Dec
lots of sketch of our exhibition identity about the name and individual section

  • happy holidayβ™₯β™₯ ( maybe I could do computer work…on my own..! yes I am a hard worker hehehehe kidding)
  • 10th – 13th Jan (in this stage, i think I should come school everyday and share or ask ideas with Brian and Kevin) -super hard week!

Bring some graphic works and discuss talk talk talk πŸ™‚

If I sketch something, that means, I got a part from our discussion of theme.. which is going to be Monday.
so im not quite ready to show some work but i will bring some blueprint sketch or something

What do you guys think my plan? πŸ™‚
We can make plan and change just talk each other about our next plans.