Yes, guys. I think this is time to decide the elements as u guys said. I’d like to pick “World Hemophilia Day” as well. As Kevin posted about it, graphically i can do something about it…(not sure but..just got a feel like i can do…?! hahaha)

here is my idea about the questions from K.

I think we’d better do 3….coz it’s nice to work separately( it does NOT mean i work on my own)

  • Unity – hiphop
  • Divide – Canadas break from UK rule (I think this is true… )
  • Hope (or Faith) – World Hemophilia Day


We can create the united Identity together (b4 christmas break or something)
IF we make decision about our identity then we can work our own.
What do u think?

ah, then next week (Wendsday maybe) we can visit some of the museum and galleries or flagship store?