Video games industry

Another entertainment genre that was having major success was video games:
Wikipedia states:
Arcade games and video games had been growing in popularity since the late 1970s, and by 1982 were a major industry. But a variety of factors, including a glut of low-quality games and the rise of home computers, caused a tremendous crash in late 1983.’
By the sounds of it they reached a height in our year before collapsing again in 83.

I fondly remember the C64 – it was the first computer I ever had:
‘In 1982, Commodore introduced the Commodore 64 as the successor to the VIC-20. Thanks to a well-designed set of chipsdesigned by MOS Technology, the Commodore 64, (also referred to as C64), possessed remarkable sound and graphics for its time and is often credited with starting the computer demo scene.
I have looked into the demo scene and it is a sub culture that developed were home users created there own demos – typically to illustrate the graphical power and to show off there musical skills.

In the world of Apple computers, 1982 was also the year work stated on the 1st Apple Mac although it wasn’t released until 1984.