Presentation Notes and initial thinking….

Presentation Notes and initial thinking. 5 Week Block.
Approach the project like an exhibition and develop ‘New’ ways to engage the viewer Consider overlaying images and Photographs to mock up the scenes and worlds. The information could be explained in a ‘Moving Image Piece’  walkthroughs and visualisations could be used to demonstrate the piece.

Areas to contemplate and react upon :

Type – Make text into the Environment:

* Consumer = The Starting Point.

The strategy and point of reference = The Target Audience

The exhibition begins outside branding and awareness is critical to an experience and awareness for the Visitor = seamless and rewarding .
Concentrate on the detail & micro elements.
Make it Holistic > Make it Relate > Think about the Pace.
What’s The Massage to TAKE AWAY.

Physical issues to reflect upon include details /Fixtures/ Materials /Lighting/Screens/Displays/Mapping/Lattices/Posts/

I would anticipate utilising this project to expand my applications skills in CS5/Maya/Cinema 4D
Also I would produce something ‘Real’ and tactile for this projects and incorporate my love of 35mm photographic film.
For my primary visual and auditory research I shall visit a wide range of museums, including the British Museum ‘Flagship’ retail stores to ‘absorb’ brand Experiences and areas that closely replicate the ‘look and overall feel of our chosen time.
Books/Magazines/DVD’s and a wealth of Online Moving Image Material will be used and my reading list will be published and referenced on a separate page under this blog.